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Is it time to legalise cannabis? asks ex-Met Police chief Bernard Hogan-Howe


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Former Scotland Yard chief Bernard Hogan-Howe has called on the Government to set up an urgent review to examine the legalisation of cannabis.
His controversial intervention comes just days after Canada became the first Western nation to fully legalise the drug.
It will ramp up the debate on drugs in Britain after Home Secretary Sajid Javid backed use of medical cannabis in July and former Tory leader William Hague said cannabis laws were ‘inappropriate, ineffective and utterly out of date.’

cannabis plants

In an exclusive article for The Mail on Sunday today, Lord Hogan-Howe proposes that a panel of experts should examine ‘the accumulating evidence on legalisation… with open minds’ and report back within two years.

‘This could include whether they feel the evidence suggests cannabis should be safely legalised,’ he writes.

‘It is hard to justify criminalising a substance less harmful than products we can buy in a shop and at some level has medical benefits.’

But critics warned against loosening drug laws. ‘Parents will throw their arms up in despair that you would even consider looking at normalising use of cannabis,’ said Elizabeth Burton-Phillips, founder of the charity Drugfam

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