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Cannabis news -- Marijuana museum opens in Vegas


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Marijuana museum opens in Vegas

"We want to be approachable to the novice, and we want to be exciting to the enthusiast."

A brand new marijuana museum is open for business in downtown Las Vegas.

“Cannabition” is being called the first of its kind.

"And we're like, oh, cannabis museum! This is probably freaking awesome to look at."

Awesome to look at indeed!

The museum features 12 different interactive rooms, and they're considered "instagram-able" exhibits because each one is sure to make for a great photo.

"We're trying to drive cannabis culture through selfies and through pictures. Everything here is an engagement. Everything here is a picture."

The interactive exhibits include everything from a 24-foot bong called “Bongzilla” to several seven foot imitation marijuana buds - called hug buds - and they don't call them that for no reason.

"It's actually pretty cool. You can actually go up and hug them and everything."

And while this museum sounds like all fun and photos, there's more than meets the eye.

It's also educational, teaching visitors about the history, science and culture of marijuana.

"We want to make sure that everybody can have a conversation about cannabis. A healthy and articulate, factual conversation."

"It was a mind opener. It was educational. It was really cool facts and interesting things to know."

And the opening of this cannabis museum is also beckoning the call for social consumption and pot lounges.

"People who are visiting don't have a place to consume. They can't consume in their hotels and there's nowhere safe for them to consume. So they're actually having to find places to go hide and consume illegally."

But the push for social pot lounges is still tied up in legislation for the time being.

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