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TOP 5 Best Cyber Monday CBD Sales 2018 - NaturalHealthyCBD - 12-01-2018

cannabis plants

You've made it past black Friday, but you're a savvy shopper and you know the best discounts are online during cyber Monday. So where do you go to find little bit of everything for everything? Where can you find something for your grandma's hip pain, your vaping cousin, your mom's anti-aging skin cream, your sisters dog and yourself to relax from the stress of it all? Relax, we've got you covered with the top 5 CBD and HEMP savings for Cyber Monday!

1. cannabis plants

Don't forget your dogs for the holidays!

Your pup is going to be so sad, looking up at you with big eyes, empty tummy and no treats to nibble on while your family rips open their presents from under the tree. 

Well, they would be if you weren't the savviest of shoppers on Cyber Monday and come prepared with the best cbd dog treats and now with our partners at Service Dog Headquarters you can grab the coolest dog gear and travel assistance accessories online with your pet hemp orders! 
For cyber Monday, Natural Healthy CBD and Therabis are bringing you 20% off their entire pet stock!