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Jeremy Kyle visits Durham cannabis club


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FILMING: Jeremy Kyle at the Teesside Cannabis Club
When Mr Holliday was approached and asked to take part in The Kyle Files, he initially had grave reservations, given Mr Kyle’s anti-drugs stance.
However, he decided to throw open the clubhouse doors after realising the potential for spreading the TTC’s pro-marijuana message to a wider audience.
Mr Holliday said: “Although we wouldn’t have chosen to go on the Kyle Files, we decided it was in the interest of the wider community to open our doors to Jeremy.
“We’re cautious but optimistic that if we can convince him of the case for legislation then that is a victory in itself.
“We wanted him, along with Steve and the crew, to spend a few hours with club members getting an understanding of what these places could mean to local communities.

Jeremy Kyle visits illicit Teesside cannabis 'speakeasy' as campaigners fight for legalisation

CANNABIS users attempted to convince Jeremy Kyle to side with them in the fight for legalisation when he visited a secret “speakeasy” on Monday night.
The controversial chat show host was in the North-East to film an upcoming episode of The Kyle Files at Teesside Cannabis Club’s clandestine headquarters.
Members hope their meeting with the outspoken television personality will help them to convince a new audience to join them in calling for legalisation of the class-B drug.
However, founder John Holliday had to think twice before agreeing to give Mr Kyle and his team access all areas to their club, which is hidden away on a little used site close to Middlesbrough.

cannabis plants

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