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Legal licensed growers need help with your sales ?


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Potads are partnering up with a few chosen legal small home growers (not big commercial growers) from around the world to help with sales and become part of the potads trusted growers team.

We add banners and promote you through our network with tweets and blog posts etc etc .. all bringing tons of stoner peeps to your page for potential sales.

If you're interested you can join this site and message us (potads admin) or contact us on our partner friends messenger app CoverMe messenger  Our CoverMe ID: 5277561 (  or our twitter @BreedersLove twitter

$50 a month upfront payment, plus a cut of the profits to be discussed .. legal small home growers only. 

One of our twitters only gets over a million views to posts a month.

cannabis plants

Thank you for reading -- potads admin
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09-27-2017, 10:58 AM
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This site is non-profit making
Cannabis seeds in some countries are illegal to grow and sell, please stick to your countries/states laws. are not responsable for any money transactions made between members sales on or off site. Please help and report scammers which you think may be using this site to gain profit from the sick dealing in the medical cannabis side of the industry. Thank you - potads admin.
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