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Cannabis news worldwide -- National Cannabis Bar Assoc Announce 2018 Webinar Series


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National Cannabis Bar Assoc Announce 2018 Webinar Series

NCBA Presents: 2018 Webinar Series 

With the start of 2018, the National Cannabis Bar Association is proud to announce our 2018 Webinar Series. The Series will cover a range of topics that support the practice of law for business attorneys serving the cannabis industry. Webinars will generally take place on the fourth Thursday of each month at noon Eastern (9am Pacific).

Initial topics will include:

  • Federal enforcement issues.
  • Patents and other intellectual property issues.
  • Insurance.

Our first webinar will address the pending litigation in Hemp Industries Association v. Drug Enforcement Agency. The webinar will be presented by Bob Hoban, Managing Partner at the Hoban Law Group and lead counsel on the case, which addresses a December 2016 DEA ‘Final Rule’ that classifies cannabis-derived extracts, such as CBD oil, as a Schedule 1 narcotic. Arguments before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals are scheduled for February 15, 2018. Register for the webinar here.

Annual members receive a 50% discount off of the listed price, and Lifetime and Sustaining members may attend the 2018 webinar series at no cost. 

CLE credits will be provided in select states (including California, Colorado, and New York), depending on webinar registration and NCBA policy. Individuals that wish to seek credit outside of one of the selected states may apply for individual credit from their state with support from NCBA. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px">

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