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Things to consider about medical marijuana -


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Things to consider about medical marijuana -

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) — Five medical marijuana dispensaries opened across the state of Iowa today.

Oils, creams, and capsules are all medical marijuana products sold at 5 dispensaries across Iowa, a thirty day supply ranging between $30 and $130 dollars.

Reports show that hundreds of Iowans have registered as either a patient or caregiver for medical marijuana.

The opening of new dispensaries come with new challenges, like the question of if an employee tests positive on a drug test while taking medical marijuana, can they be fired?

Some reports say yes, saying the law was written to provide immunity to employers, but legal experts aren’t sure if certain drug tests would even pick up the smaller amount of THC within medical marijuana.
THC is the chemical that makes you high.

The Society for Human Resource Management recommends that businesses not test for marijuana anymore because of the increasing legality of its use in many states and a larger number of users.

When it comes to children, schools won’t the drug to be administered on school grounds because at the federal level marijuana is still illegal — in the same classification as l-s-d or heroin.

Epilepsy foundation Iowa said in a statement they “support safe, legal access to medical cannabis and CBD if a patient and their health care team feel that the potential benefits of medical cannabis or CBD for uncontrolled epilepsy outweigh the risks.”

You can contact the dispensary in Waterloo at this website.

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