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Cannabis news -- WI: Miller Considers Making Marijuana Beer


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WI: Miller Considers Making Marijuana Beer

Photo Credit: Jim Werner

The parent company of Miller is thinking about a whole new brew.

A beer with marijuana could one day be made in Wisconsin. This week, Bloomberg reported Denver-based Molson Coors is in talks with marijuana growers in Canada, where pot becomes fully-legal in the fall.

Biz Times Milwaukee reporter Arthur Thomas says big beer companies are worried the growing legalization of marijuana will cut further into their bottom line, since they’re already losing some market share to craft breweries.

“If it’s a risk to your business, it makes sense that you could either try and steer your customers away from it or maybe find where that market would work for you,” he told WISN-TV.

The CEO of Molson Coors recently told investors they have assembled a team in Canada to explore the risks and opportunities of cannabis in that market.

This isn’t the first beer company looking into this idea. Last fall, Constellation Brands, which makes Corona, announced a major investment in a Canadian marijuana grower.

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