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White Lemon - 5PACK - Feminised - Strain Hunters


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cannabis plants

Seedbank Strain Hunters
Gender Feminised
Variety Hybrid (40/60 - 60/40)
Type of flowering Photoperiod
Flowering time (indoors) 8-9 weeks
THC Very High THC (over 20%)
CBD content Low
Plant Height Medium

The ultimate balance of 50% indica and 50% sativa this hybrid blend of an El Nino and a feminised Super Lemon Haze cannabis seeds are a top selection on the Strain Hunters list.
The El Nino lineage is shown through the density of the buds and the leaf shape of the plant. While the Super Lemon Haze is expressed through the bushy structure, aroma and taste. The White Lemon cannabis seeds bring out the best expressions of both parents in one strain.

White Lemon produces medium plants with an average internodal length of 8 – 10 cm. The branches of the bush grow very strong and can handle the large colas that are produced.

These seeds do not require large amounts of nutrients and does well in all kinds of growing medium. It is an easy enough strain to grow either indoors or outdoors and after 4-5 weeks of flowering, you will already experience the aromas of citrus and skunk. This strain is a very good option as a mother plant as cuttings root in a very short time period and easily.

One can expect 0.9 grams per watt per m2 under a 1000 Watt HPS lamp of dried and manicured buds. Outdoors under the sun, with a longer vegetative period, you will see over 1 kilogram of harvest within a 9-week flowering time.

White Lemon buds are long, thick and dense with noticeable long hairs and covered in a thick resin. Dried and cured bud is light green to a greyish colour when crumbled.

The combusted flower of White Lemon is skunky, lemony with a slight hazy aftertaste. But it is not as lemony as the Super Lemon Haze by Greenhouse Seeds. The psychoactive effect is known as a creeper that is long lasting and strong. It is a complex and well-balanced high taking its time to peak.

Medicinally White Lemon is great for appetite stimulation, mood enhancement and pain management.
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