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Cannabis news worldwide -- Position: Director of Regulatory Affairs at Steep Hill


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Position: Director of Regulatory Affairs at Steep Hill

Director of Regulatory Affairs at Steep Hill

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These Cannabis Companies Are Aggressively Hiring Professionals

Steep Hill Labs, a cannabis science and technology company in Berkeley, California, is searching for a director of regulatory affairs to lead the company’s understanding of and strategy for local, state, federal, and international compliance. Reporting to the chief legal officer, the director of regulatory affairs will track and report on regulatory changes, as well as help review and prepare regulatory documents for submission to the proper authorities.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in regulatory affairs, including a master’s degree in public policy, experience drafting legislation in a government body, and/or time spent working with a life sciences company.

Six months ago, the company employed about 45 people. Now, that number is more than 70, and the company expects to hire 100 more people in the coming year. Steep Hill fosters a collaborative environment and actively manages its culture. The company just completed a culture assessment to better understand what is important to its employees and where they want the company to go. This assessment, which features the voice of every employee, will help create the company’s guiding principles.

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