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Compliments of Paradise Seeds: Hot Winter Promo! - potads - 01-31-2018


Compliments of Paradise Seeds: Hot Winter Promo!


This time of year is the perfect opportunity to plan for the next growing season. So take advantage of our excellent Winter promotions to make sure your garden is ready for action when it’s time for the next crop to go in.

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What type of gardener are you? Perhaps you are a traditionalist who likes to stick to the same strain because you know it works for you. Or are you a gardener that likes the excitement of rotation and trying out new varieties?
Whichever gardener you are, Paradise Seeds is here to help you get the most out of your garden with some hot winter promos. These will change every month so keep checking in to see what we can offer you in 2018!

* Strain of the Month * Get 20% OFF our selected strain. January’s strain of the month is Allkush: This award winning big yield has a sweet flavor, relaxing qualities and the superior resin count has earned her the title ‘Queen of Hash’.

* GIFTs for all customers!

- Get a free Paradise Seeds pen or rolling papers with every order (choose at cart).

- Spend over 40 Euro and get a free Paradise Seeds grinder. 

- Ordering in Europe? Free shipping on all orders of 100 Euro+.

* FREE seeds. Spend 80 Euro and get a free 3 pack. Spend 140 Euro and get a free 5 pack.

We’ve got two great winter themed strains for you this month (choose at cart):

- Ice Cream: An Indica renowned for being a Ferrari amongst plants. Indoor grower’s delight, rich in flavor and highly potent.

- Jacky White: A big harvest sativa that will finish fast. The flavor is all citrus and the effect is upbeat and productive.